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Camp closed: desperation on the Syrian border

Mohammed is leaning on his crutches at the fence of the clinic. “Can you help me? Please, please can you help me?” We go back with him to his tent. It is in a transit camp for Syrian refugees on the Turkish/Syrian … Continue reading

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Hope After Homs: Rebuilding shattered lives on the Syria-Turkey border

“The wall collapsed on top of us – the children were crying with the pain of a broken hand, a broken leg. But we couldn’t leave the house to go to the hospital. There were snipers on the rooftops shooting … Continue reading

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From an insecure and dangerous present to an unknown future

It’s 10.30 pm, on board the Phoenix, the search and rescue vessel in the Mediterranean run jointly by @MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station and @MSF. I joined a few days ago, in a mid-sea midnight transfer. Before I go to … Continue reading

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Heading Off Into The Refugee Tragedy in the Med

27th August 2015 The phone wakes me early on the morning of my departure. I’m heading for Malta, to join up with the MSF/MOAS team on the Phoenix, rescuing people attempting to cross the Mediterranean in leaky, un-seaworthy vessels. It … Continue reading

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REACHING ZERO: Bringing the epidemic under control

Fatmata and Idiatu were smiling, happy with the new clothes we had brought them. Their old ones had been burned, along with the mattress they’d shared with their mother before she tested positive and died from Ebola. Their small, mud-brick … Continue reading

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The Return of an Ebola Survivor

Today Mama Sesay went home. Having come into our Ebola Management Centre three weeks ago, with a positive blood test, she had slowly become increasingly stronger, her symptoms had gradually disappeared, and her blood test was now negative. Giving her … Continue reading

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Too many deaths……. and a bright ray of hope

A chance to survive…… this is what I said we were offering those stricken with Ebola, in this rural area of Sierra Leone, when we opened our Ebola Management Centre about two weeks ago. Dozens have passed through our doors since … Continue reading

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A Week in the Life of…..Construction of an Ebola Management Centre

Sunday: As soon as you touch down in Freetown, Ebola hits you. Or the awareness of it. Health forms to fill in, chlorine handwashes before you even enter the terminal building, zapped with a temperature gun before you step outside. … Continue reading

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My Ebola Diary

So, finally, I’m off. This time on Saturday I’ll be on a plane to Freetown in Sierra Leone, to join the more or less 3500 MSF staff, national and international, who are fighting the largest, most deadly outbreak of the Ebola … Continue reading

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  It’s hard, returning. Just over two months ago, I pedalled through the green countryside of an English spring, and wondered about the unknown world I was headed for: the Central African Republic, spiralling out of control with ethnic-related violence. … Continue reading

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